Reusable travel mugs for coffee lovers

#tide OceanMugs: Reusable travel mugs for coffee lovers

Our OceanMugs are made of ocean-bound plastic. Fishermen have collected the plastic on islands and along beaches in the Andaman Sea and brought it to a Social Enterprise for sorting. We from #tide have recycled it and turned it into something useful.

What once was polluting the ocean and endangering life under water gets a second life as a safe, sustainable and reusable beverage cup. The mug is made of 100% recycled PET and PP and follows the requirement of the German Food Act, the internationally recognized Regulation Act for food safety.

The OceanMug is leak and spill proof thanks to its smart twist lock system and its precision fitting spoon. It's suitable for dishwashers and can be used over and over again. Using this mug will reduce your own carbon footprint, raise awareness about plastic pollution and you will belong to the pioneers who demonstrate that ocean-bound plastic waste can be elevated into durable, fashionable and safe products.

The OceanMug family comes in four different trendy colours: #tide's signature petrol, light pink, grey and anthracite/black. 

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