We are happy to present our very first collection of #tide OceanProducts®. They are made with our award-winning Tide Ocean Material® which consists of 100% ocean-bound plastic.

Can you imagine that these bags once were single-use plastic bottles thrown away at a beach and threatening our oceans? Together with our engineers we have developed a method how to upcycle plastic waste and transform it into sustainable products like these bags.

To guarantee the highest quality and a long life, the bags have passed our tests for tear resistance and come with a cord and a lock used by the climbing industry.

Every polyester bag is made from plastic waste our team collected on and around islands in the Andaman Sea. The collected plastic was brought to a social enterprise in Ranong, Thailand, and then upcycled into a resistant quality yarn. Because we believe in the necessity of a circular economy to reduce the world's over-consumption of fossil energy.

Do you want to support our 100% mission and create a direct impact to our planet and ocean? Support our activities by buying one of our OceanProducts® now.