#tide Environmental Impact

The ocean is suffocating with plastic pollution. Solutions are urgently needed, or otherwise the ocean will contain more plastic than fish by the year 2050.

#tide offers a solution to this pollution: We are upcycling ocean-bound plastic waste and transform it into a premium raw material which brands use for their new sustainable products. We give plastic waste a value.

We have teamed up with scientists from the Swiss University of Applied Sciences. Together, we have developed an award-winning method how to repair degenerated plastic. To achieve the goal of cleaner oceans, we do not only provide a technological solution, we have also built a global network. We are in full control of our supply chain: It starts with the fisherman collecting plastic on an island and ends with the brands using our sustainable material. By closing the circle of plastic production, we – and our partners – contribute to cleaner oceans, to a circular economy and therefore reduce the use of non-renewable fossil resources.